Casinos in the modern era know that their customers want their winnings to be available as quickly as possible. You must choose a deposit method that suits your playing style, whether you are playing with a prepayment card or at Winbox casino. It will affect how you can withdraw based on how you pay in.

1. Select Withdraw
2. Insert Withdraw Amount and Click Submit
3. Enter 6-digit Payment Pin
4. Wait for Approval.

What You Need To Do To Withdraw Cash?

There may be a balance in your casino account from your deposit that you would like to access as well.

How do I Winbox Recharge?

The latest tutorial for 2023

Step 1: When you log in to WINBOX, click on “I” then “Score” and then select “Bank Transfer”.

Step 2: Once you’ve chosen a bank, click “ok”> Slide to the bottom after choosing a bank. You cannot immediately change the bank account if you choose this bank)

Step 3: Make sure the read consent is checked, and then click “Next”

Step 4: Please enter the amount of the recharge and click “Next”

Step 5: When you click (+), you will be taken to the album, where you can select and upload your cash deposit or transfer receipt before clicking “Submit”.

It is important to note that WINBOX will change the name and account of the bank account from time to time. Check that the deposit or transfer has the same bank object as the current account before making a deposit or transfer.

Winbox Withdraw Tutorial

Step 1: To wash points, navigate to WINBOX >> “I” >> “Washing Points” >> “OK”.

Step 2: Click “Next” after selecting your bank and entering your account number.

Step 3: Click “Send OTP” once you have entered the phone number.

Step 4: Click “OK” after entering your OTP, enter how much you would like to wash, and click “Submit”.

Step 5: You have successfully submitted your scrub. Please enter your payment password.

Winbox Withdraw FAQs:

Is Winbox a safe casino?

Secure gaming is provided by Winbox. Your money can be deposited and played without any hassle.

How to withdraw real money from Winbox Casino?

The withdrawal process can be completed by logging into your Winbox Casino Account and clicking the “Withdrawal” or “Cash Out” button. The first step is to select your withdrawal method and amount. In the next step, follow the instructions provided to provide all verification documents. Once the funds have been approved, they will be transferred to the designated account.