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We offer various online 4D lottery betting from companies such as Magnum 4D, Damacai, ToTo 4D, Singapore, Sabah, STC, Cashsweep, LUCKY HARI HARI.

4D is a popular lottery draw game in Malaysia and Singapore. A 4D lottery ticket is formed from a combination of numbers from 0000 to 9999. It has a total of 10,000 different four-digit numbers. If the 4 digit numbers of your choice are revealed as the winning number in the 4D results, you win the draw. 4D Malaysia lottery shops are scattered all over the country. However, placing bets can be quite a tedious process. Not only you have to locate these shops and place your bets individually with each of these companies, but you also need to make your bets before 7 PM. To bet lotto 4D conveniently at any time and anywhere, you should give EKOR a try. EKOR offers a higher winning 4D odds and you can simply place your bets using your mobile device.

Special Draw | 4D Special Draw Date (2023)

On this page, you will find the 4D special draw date for the following:

  • Magnum 4D Special Draw
  • Da Ma Cai Special Draw
  • Sports Toto Special Draw
  • Sabah 88 4D Special Draw
  • Special Cashsweep Special Draw
  • Sandakan Special Draw

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